Below you will find the latest brief release notes outlining the new feature and enhancements. If you have questions, please raise a support ticket at

What's New

  • Data Monitoring for Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics:  We extended the data monitoring feature to Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics. Data monitoring in ServiceBus360 is to help administrators keep a watch on specific metrics for a defined time period. Data Monitoring is the concept of alerting based on historical data. Example: “If total count of messages arriving at Azure Service Bus Queues exceeds over 500 every 30 minutes, then send me an alert”. With Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics data monitoring capability, ServiceBus360 covers about 11 different metrics such as:
    1. Successful Requests
    2. Server Errors
    3. User Errors
    4. Throttled Requests
    5. Incoming Requests
    6. Incoming Messages
    7. Outgoing Messages
    8. Active Connections
    9. Size (Bytes)
    10. Count of Messages
    11. Count of Active Messages

  • You can now Regenerate/Modify or Edit a message ID when you try to resubmit a message to a 'DuplicateDetection' enabled Queue, this will help you to prevent the message from being lost. When you choose automated regeneration, the system will assign a new GUID as Message Ids. Alternately, you can edit to set custom message ids. for eg: invoice/201#/####.
  • Similarly, When you schedule a dead letter activity (to resubmit messages) for a 'DuplicateDetection' enabled Queue you can automatically regenerate the Id of the messages to prevent it from getting lost. In this scenario, the message id's will be replaced with randomly generated GUID.


  • Activity History is moved from Governance and Audit section to the Activities section. This will help the users to find the Activity audit log within that section.