Post installation, if you end up with "your API not responding" error, please check your API status by typing the url http://localhost/ServiceBus360/API/Swagger. In case, if the error is "HANDLER "EXTENSIONLESSURLHANDLER-INTEGRATED-4.0" HAS A BAD MODULE "MANAGEDPIPELINEHANDLER" IN ITS MODULE LIST

Cause for this problem: Even though you might have installed Visual Studio 2015, and enabled IIS in Windows, ASP.NET 4.5 doesn't turn itself on unless you manually turn on.

Solution: To enable ASP.NET4.5, Go to 'Control Panel' -> 'Program and Features' -> 'Turn Windows Features On and Off' -> 'Internet Information Services' -> World Wide Web Services' -> 'Application Development Features'. Make sure 'ASP.NET 4.5' and '.NET Extensibility 4.5' are enabled.