Post the launch of the revamped version of ServiceBus360, this is a minor release with following feature and enhancements.

Section in ServiceBus360
New featureAssociate Namespaces using Connection String
With the new portal, we made the switch to using Service Principals to associate namespaces. Based on customer feedback, we brought back this facility of associating namespaces using a connection string. Now, the user has both these capabilities to associate namespaces.
ServiceBus360 > Settings > Namespaces
EnhancementAudit repair and resubmitting messages to Queue or Topic
ServiceBus360 had the capability to repair and resubmit messages back to the queue or topic. This activity got recorded in the Governance/Audit as a single activity under “Messaging” called “Message Resubmitted”. Now, we improved the functionality for the audit log to reflect the old message, the newly modified message, and the status will now reflect as the message is “Repaired and resubmitted” back to the queue/topic.
ServiceBus360 > Governance & Audit
EnhancementMonitor multiple metrics in data monitoring
ServiceBus360 allows configuring multiple metrics in a single data monitor settings. For example, the user can measure the count of runs started, runs failed and runs successful in a single data monitor configuration.
ServiceBus360 > Monitoring > Data Monitoring
Send messages to session enabled topic-subscriptions
User can now send messages to topic-subscriptions with the “session id” parameter. In case, the session id parameter is not provided while sending the message, the message will automatically become dead-lettered.

ServiceBus360 > Composite Applications > Services
EnhancementDisplay namespace name and resource group in Monitoring DashboardMonitoring dashboard will display the Namespace name and the Resource group of the entities associated with an alarm. When the Namespace is associated using Service Principal, then both the Namespace Name and Resource group will be displayed. If the Namespace is associated using the Connection String, then only the Resource group will be displayed.ServiceBus360 > Monitoring Dashboard