Section in ServiceBus360
Preview  Logic Apps Management and Monitoring
ServiceBus360 is expanding its horizon in Azure services management and monitoring. Next to Azure Service Bus, Relays and Event Hubs, we have introduced management and monitoring of Logic Apps. The user can perform management activities like run trigger, enable Logic Apps and delete Logic Apps from ServiceBus360. In addition to operational capabilities, ServiceBus360 has the capability to monitor the Azure Logic Apps based on the state of the Logic App (Enabled/Disabled). ServiceBus360 > Manage Logic Apps

Preview Data Monitoring
We are introducing the concept of Data Monitoring in ServiceBus360 that will help administrators to keep a watch on specific metrics for a defined time period. In this release, the data monitoring capability is available only for Logic Apps. We will be expanding the data monitoring capability to other services in the future releases. ServiceBus360 > Manage Logic Apps > Monitoring > Data Monitoring
New feature
Activities to process Deadletter messages from Topic Subscription ServiceBus360 now provides the capability to configure activities for processing dead-lettered messages in Topics-Subscription through the Activities screen within the Messaging entity. Using this activity, the user can perform bulk operations like:
  • Resubmit
  • Resubmit and delete
  • Delete the dead letter message
To configure Dead-Letter activity for a Topic-Subscription, the user can click the Create button in the Activities screen and select the dead letter option from the drop-down. From the Dead Letter Activity Configuration screen, the user can choose to resubmit a dead letter message to a Queue or Topic associated in ServiceBus360 or delete the messages. This activity runs in the background and can process thousands of messages.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Activities
New feature
API Monitoring
ServiceBus360 allows the users to set up API Monitoring and validate the actual response against the expected return. If there is a mismatch between actual and expected return values like codes or response data, alerts will be sent to the users with appropriate information.
Note: Currently this feature is restricted to monitor up to 10 web endpoints and the user can create only one alarm for Endpoint monitoring.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Endpoint Monitoring

New feature
User Access Policy
ServiceBus360 introduces the next step toward granular level access policy for the Normal Users. In this release, the Account Owner/Super User can configure access privileges for a normal user to restrict access to certain sections or features of the application based on the business requirements. ServiceBus360 > Settings > User Management