Section in ServiceBus360
Bug fix
Message retrieval for partitioned Queues & Topics

Earlier in ServiceBus360, retrieved messages count did not match with the expected message count for the entities with Enable Partitioning set to true. Now we have made changes to message retrieval logic so that, expected messages are retrieved
Note: This change in logic will slightly affect the performance during manual resubmission of deferred messages in the dead letter of a partitioned Queue.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Namespace (Messaging Namespace) > Partition entity > Operation
Bug fix

Monitoring of Entities with '/' character in their path is not working as expected

Azure Resource Manager API was not supporting the management of entities with special character '/' in its name or path and hence ServiceBus360 was not able to effectively manage and monitor such entities. With enhancement announced to this API, We have fixed this issue.
Reference link
ServiceBus360 > Manage Namespace > Monitoring