Every ServiceBus360 account has one user that is designated as the Account Owner. This user has access to perform any actions in the account and is the only user with access to Payments, which includes details such as the account's billing and payment information (including invoices) and the ability to change the account owner.

If a user other than the current account owner needs to manage the billing, it's best to transfer the account to them. There can be only one account owner in a ServiceBus360 account, but there can be multiple super users and normal users. The account owner can change the user level for a super user to the Owner user level. 

When a super user becomes the account owner, the previous account owner automatically becomes a super user.

This may be used most often in circumstances such as the current account owner leaving a company. In this case, the account owner user cannot be deleted. The Account owner himself needs to close their account. This may incur a huge loss of data to avoid these scenarios we have the option to transfer the account ownership.

How to Switch the Account Ownership?

If you are an account owner and wish to promote another user to be your account's owner, then:

  1. Log into your ServiceBus360 account (as account owner)
  2. Click the Settings icon from the Home Dashboard
  3. Click the User Management icon from the left navigation panel to open the Registered User screen
  4. Click the Switch Ownership button on the top of the screen
  5. The system will open a confirmation pop up and list the available user to transfer the account ownership. Click the drop-down and select the user whom you wish to transfer the account. 
  6. Click Continue to complete the process
  7. The new account owner will be intimated about the transfer of account ownership via an automated system generated Email.