Analytics is an integrated module available ServiceBus360 that lets you set up real-time analytic computations on Azure ServiceBus Queues. ServiceBus360 Analytics offers a visual display of the most important performance counters that are consolidated and arranged on a single screen so that the information can be monitored in one glance.

What can I do with ServiceBus360 Analytics

Use ServiceBus360 Analytics to examine the volume of dead letting in Queues, extract information from last 24 hours to 7 days, and look for charts, dead letter reasons, and relationships using the Queues Analytics. Based on what's in the data, you can plan and perform various operations like resubmit, purge etc. For example, you might raise alerts, feed information to a reporting manager, or store data for later investigation.

How does Analytics work in ServiceBus360

In this section, you will learn how to use ServiceBus360 Analytics to get real-time insights from your Azure Service Bus Queues. Analytics is an inbuilt tool in ServiceBus360 with pre-configured widgets for Dead-Letter Queues, the data is represented in two different graphs (pie chart and bar chart) segregated based on the dead letter reason. The bar chart helps you to analyze the dead letters over a time period, the user can choose a time period between last 24 hours to 7 days. 

In the Free plan, a user can enable Analytics for any one of the available Queue from the associated messaging namespace.

To enable and view Analytics data for a Queue in ServiceBus360:

  1. Log into your ServiceBus360 account
  2. From the Home Dashboard, click the Manage namespace button in the Messaging Namespace
  3. Select Queues from the left navigation panel and toggle on the Analytics button against the Queue(s) that you wish to enable Analytics
  4. Click the Analytics icon to open the Queue-Analytics screen
    The system will need at least 1 hour of data collection time to display the data in the Analytics graph
  5. You can see two pre-configured widgets representing the Analytics data
  6. The pie chart displays the dead letter by reason and the bar chart shows the dead letter by reason over time (last 24 hours by default) and can be adjusted to display last 7 days data
Analytics screen auto freshes every 60 seconds.