Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Transfer of Account Ownership to Super User

The user who signs up for a new ServiceBus360 account will be the Account Owner and that user has the privilege to access the entire application. The Account Owner can add more users to the account either as a Super User or as a Normal User. This feature will allow the Account owner to transfer the ownership to another Super User available in the account. An email notification is sent to the new Account Owner regarding the transfer of ownership.
ServiceBus360 > Settings > User Management
New feature

Operations Management Suite (OMS) notification channel
We have added OMS notification channel to ServiceBus360 that allows customers to receive notifications to their OMS components that are entirely hosted in Azure. In the earlier versions, ServiceBus360 users had the option to send alert notifications to external channels like PagerDuty, SMTP, Slack, Microsoft Teams and WebHook channels.
ServiceBus360 > Settings >  Notification Channels