Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Schedule dead letter message activity configuration
ServiceBus360 now has the capability to schedule activities for dead letter processing from the Activities screen in the Messaging entity. Using this activity, the user can perform bulk resubmit, resubmit and delete, and delete the dead letter message. Earlier the user can only configure the activities for dead letter messages. Now, the activity can be scheduled to run at a set time and day with the options to set reoccurrences. This activity runs in the background and can process thousands of messages. ServiceBus360 > Manage Namespace (Messaging) >  Activities > Create
New feature

Webhook notification channel
In the earlier versions, ServiceBus360 users had the option to send alert notifications to external channels like PagerDuty, SMTP, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Now we have added Webhook notification channel to ServiceBus360 that allows customers to Put/Post message to any REST Webhook. Users can send JSON and XML message content to the webhook with default headers and authorization credentials and keys. ServiceBus360 > Settings >  Notification Channels
Activity based filter for Activity history
A new filter option is added to the Activity History screen under Governance and Audit section to filter the audit history based on the activities performed on the resources in ServiceBus360. Basically, the Activities History section captures the basic operations performed on Send Messages, Dead Letter and Purge Message activity. The filter option will help the user to find the activities performed under a namespace between a particular time point.   ServiceBus360 > Governance Audit > Activity History
Display only relevant properties
Governanace and Audit section will only display the relevant custom and system properties for the audited information. Earlier, ServiceBus360 displayed a common description template for all the audit records and marked NA for irrelevant properties.  ServiceBus360 > Governance Audit > Description