Configure monitoring for Relay in ServiceBus360

To configure monitoring, the user must create alarms and then associate Relay to the alarms.

Create an alarm:

  1. From the Home Dashboard, click Manage Namespace button of a namespace for which you want to create the alarm. The namespace should be of type ‘Messaging’.
  2. Click Alarms from the menu on the left
  3. Click the Add Alarm button to open the Add Alarm blade
  4. Enter Alarm Name
  5. Enter a summary for the alarm (This is optional)
  6. Click the Next button to navigate to the ‘Threshold Violations’ page
  7. Click ‘Alert on threshold violation’ to turn on the feature. You can configure alerts for threshold violations in this section.
  8. Click the Next button to navigate to the ‘Health Monitoring’ page
  9. Click ‘Enable Health Monitoring’ to turn on the feature. Enabling health monitoring allows users to get regular alerts on the status of the resource.
  10. Click Next to navigate to the ‘Notifications Channels’ page. By default, a notification email is sent from ServiceBus360 to the registered email ID (customizable) when the alarm is triggered due to a violation. You can also configure additional notification channels.
  11. Click the Save button to create the alarm

Associate the newly created alarm to a Relay

  1. Click Relay from the menu on the left menu
  2. Click the Monitoring icon on the right for the Relay you want to associate the alarm
  3. The Select Alarm drop-down on the top left lists all the configured alarms. Select the alarm you want to associate with this Relay from the drop-down
  4. Toggle on the Enable Monitoring button and click the Edit button to configure the threshold values
  5. Click Save when done. Click the "Do not Monitor" button to remove the monitoring configurations for the entity from the particular alarm.