Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Resubmit and delete messages in Topics
ServiceBus360 had the capability to resubmit Dead Letter messages in Topic Subscriptions in peek lock mode. Now, from this release, the users can resubmit the Dead Letter messages from Topic - Subscription to an active Queue or a Topic in receive and delete mode. To achieve this, the user has to get the messages to the defer mode and then resubmit it to an active Queue or Topic or even delete the message. Once the message is deferred from the dead letter the message will be moved to Deferred Dead Letter and it will be no longer available in the dead letter tab. In this case, the user can resubmit the messages from the Deferred Dead Letter tab. This use of Defer mode helps to carry out message re submission or delete without the risk of losing the messages. Users can also go through the message properties and content and take a decision to resubmit or delete or ignore. Users can process 1 to 100 messages in a batch.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Topics
New feature
Dead letter activity configurations
ServiceBus360 now has the capability to configure activities for dead letter processing from the Activities screen in the Messaging entity. Using this activity, the user can perform bulk:
  • resubmit
  • resubmit and delete and 
  • delete the dead letter message
To configure the activities for dead letter messages, the user can click the Create button in the Activities screen to open a drop-down to select the dead letter option. This activity runs in the background and can process thousands of messages.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Activities
Auto delete on idle state
We have added a new option in ServiceBus360 to auto delete the Messaging entity when it is idle for a set time period. The user can set the auto delete configurations when creating a new Queue/Topic in ServiceBus360 or edit the properties for the existing entities.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Create

ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Entity > Properties
Configure message & dead letter forwarding
Now ServiceBus360 has the capability to forward messages from one Messaging Entity to another by doing simple configurations. The user can configure a Queue to forward the messages to another Queue, the forwarded messages will only be available in the destination Queue.
Similarly, Users can also configure Forwarding of Dead letter messages from one Messaging Entity to another.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Create

ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Entity > Properties
Purge messages
Users can purge active, dead letter and deferred dead letter messages in one go. This option is now enabled for Queues, using this option the user can completely delete all the messages in a Queue from within the Queue dashboard.  
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace  
Additional system properties for Activities configuration
We have added additional system properties for configuring Activities in the messaging entities. The additional system properties are Message Id, Session Id, To, Correlation Id, ReplyTo, Content Type, Label, Reply to Session Id, Schedule and Time to live.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Activities > Create
UI changes to Announcements section
The Announcements section in ServiceBus360 is redesigned and now has a refreshed UI.  
ServiceBus360 > Announcements