Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Analytics ServiceBus360 now has the capability to represent Analytics data for Azure Service Bus entities. As a precursor, in this release, we have introduced Analytics for dead letter statistics in Queues. Analytics data will be represented in three formats such as pie chart, line graph, and a simple grid view. Currently, the users can view the dead letter statistics for Queues based on various error reasons. ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Queues
New feature

Microsoft Teams added to Notification Channel
In the earlier versions, ServiceBus360 users had the option to receive alert notifications to external channels like Slack, SMTP and PagerDuty. Based on the gaining popularity of Microsoft Teams App and user feedback, now we have added Microsoft Teams to ServiceBus360 Notification Channel. The users can now connect ServiceBus360 alarms to their respective Microsoft Teams channel with the proper Webhook URL and receive alert notifications.  
ServiceBus360 > Settings > Notification Channel
Enhancement Send messages directly to a queue
We have now enabled an inline option to send the message from a Queue without navigating to the Activities screen. Earlier, the user had the option to send scheduled messages to Queues/Topics from Activities screen. Now the user can send messages from the Queues/Topics dashboard with the inline option. Users can navigate to the Send Message blade by just clicking the Extras menu against the respective Queue/Topic. ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Entity > Activities
Enhancement Increased bulk re-submission of messages
We have increased the maximum number of bulk re-submission of dead letter messages from 10 to 100.
ServiceBus360 > Manage Messaging Namespace > Entity > Deadletter 
Enhancement Change password feature
From this release, ServiceBus360 allows the user to change their account password from the User Profile section. Earlier, the user had the option to reset the password from Trouble Logging In section.    ServiceBus360 > User Profile