Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Resubmit dead letter messages from Queues and Topics

ServiceBus360 offers the capability to resubmit dead letter messages. With this functionality, the users can resubmit the dead letter messages to active queue or topic without editing the message and its associated properties. ServiceBus360 allows bulk resubmission up to 10 dead letter messages in one transaction. ServiceBus360 > Messaging Namespace > Operations
New feature
Relay endpoint monitoring

In this release, ServiceBus360 allows the users to set up endpoints monitoring for the HTTP relays and validate the actual response against the expected return. If there is a mismatch between actual and expected return values like codes or response data, ServiceBus360 will alert the users with the information.
ServiceBus360 > Relay Namespace > Monitoring
Enhancement Display error reason for dead letter messages in operations section In this release, ServiceBus360 allows the users to view the error reason for the messages in dead letter Queue or Topic from the Operations section. Earlier, the user has to navigate to the message details blade to view this error reason. Now we have added a new column to the grid and added an option to the context menu in the last column of the grid. We have also added a new filter option to sort the queried messages by the error reason. ServiceBus360 > Messaging Namespace > Operations
Bug fix Unable to manage entities created with forward slash in its name

ServiceBus360 users were unable to manage entities created with a forward slash in the name. When the user tries to perform operations on the entities with a forward slash, ServiceBus portal was displaying a blank screen. This issue is fixed now and it is working as expected.     ServiceBus360 > Namespace > Operations