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  • New feature
  • Enhancement

Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Import Namespace entities

We have added this new functionality for the users to import namespace entities from the XML file exported from Service Bus Explorer. Also, entities can be imported from one namespace to the other, that are mapped in ServiceBus360. The imported entities will also be reflected in the Azure portal. The user can import the entities in bulk or individually. This feature will reduce the effort of recreating the namespace entities in the ServiceBus360 and Azure portals.
ServiceBus360 > Home Dashboard > Entities
Uniform Date and Timezone  From this release, Date and Timezone displayed in the ServiceBus360 portal is retrieved from the user local machine settings irrespective of the browser used by the user. Earlier, Servicebus360 displayed local machine time zone when the user is logged in from the Chrome browser and displayed UTC time zone for the users logged in from other browsers. The date and time format remains the same as dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss Across ServiceBus360 portal