In this release:

  • New features 
  • Enhancements

Section in ServiceBus360
New feature
Home dashboard
We have added a new Dashboard for the users to get the bird's eye-view information of the associated namespaces in ServiceBus360. This Dashboard displays the associated namespaces in an individual widget view. Each widget has the high-level details of the namespace and a graphical view of the status of alarms mapped with the namespaces.  
ServiceBus360 Home
New feature
CRUD operations on Service Bus entities
The users can now create and delete namespace entities like Queues, Topics, Relays (WCF Type) and EventHubs within ServiceBus360 portal. Users need not switch tabs to the Azure portal to create and delete these entities. All these user activities are tracked in Governance & Auditing section.
Associate Relay Hybrid connection
We have added a new option to add the entity path to associate Hybrid Connections in Relay Namespaces. Earlier in ServiceBus360, the users were able to see only WCF endpoints in a Relay Namespace.
Users can also monitor Listener count for Hybrid Connections. 
ServiceBus360 > Settings > Associate Namespace
Display Active & Deadletter message count
We have displayed new columns in resources (Queues and Topics) dashboard grid to display the Active & Deadletter message count for every entity associated with the namespace.
ServiceBus360 > Resource  
Shortcut context menu to enable/disable resources, Copy resource URL and Dead Letter URL
We have added a new shortcut burger menu in the resource display grid to enable/disable resources, Copy to Clipboard option to the Entity URL from the Queue & Subscription Listing, this will help the users to copy the Entity URL seamlessly.  
ServiceBus360 > Resource

 ‘Refresh’ functionality
We have added the Refresh button in following areas:
  • All entities and sub-entities listing
  • Properties blade for all entities and sub-entities
  • Alarms and Monitoring Dashboard
This option will help the user to get real-time information by clicking the Refresh button.
Across the Portal
Enhancement In App Chat Support Users can now reach out to our support team through an in app chat platform. Click 'Talk To Us' on the bottom left to connect with our support agent. ServiceBus360 > Talk To Us