In order to keep the ServiceBus360 application and infrastructure up and running with Azure Service Bus Infrastructure changes, all ServiceBus360 users are requested to select appropriate namespace type (Messaging, Relay or Event Hub) for their namespaces that are associated with ServiceBus360 on or before 27 Jan 2017. This is due to the latest announcement from Microsoft on Azure Service Bus Messaging, Relay, and Event Hubs Namespace Separation.

Please note that once these changes are implemented, this activity will result in loss of some alarms and resource mappings that were created for monitoring.

Steps to define Namespace type for associated Namespaces in ServiceBus360

  1. When you log into ServiceBus360, you will see a notification message as shown below. You can either choose to import namespaces from the Service Bus Explorer config file or associate new namespaces.
    Even though you have associated namespaces earlier, you will see the notification message. This is because, in the recent release, we migrated our license plan to associate with the recent Azure Service Bus Namespace Separation. To continue working, click the "click here and edit your namespace to select the type" link.

  2. In the Associated Namespaces section, you will see the list of namespaces marked with "Type not found"
  3. Edit the namespaces for which you want to add the namespace type. Select the appropriate type for the namespace exactly as the namespace type that you have opted for in the Azure portal based on the recent namespace separation notification from Microsoft.
  4. You will see a warning message as "Changing the Namespace type will remove the following: a. Entity mappings to alarms for monitoring. Select the check box to confirm and proceed." Select the check box and click Save.
    You can have only one namespace for each type

  5. Navigate back to the homepage by clicking "Back to Home". You can now start managing and monitoring your entities as before.

You may notice that we have removed the Resources section in the Settings. This way, you will be able to manage all entities in your namespace as soon as you associate your namespace with ServiceBus360.

You will be able to explore only the entities based on the type you have just selected. For e.g., you may have entities of all types in your namespace. But after selecting the type – Messaging for a namespace, you will be able to see only entities of type Queues and Topics. Similarly, this applies to Relay and Event Hub types.