About the feature
Section in ServiceBus360
New Feature Onboarding namespace from Service Bus Explorer We have added this new functionality for the users to be able to import namespace from Service Bus Explorer. Once the namespace is imported, the user can change the friendly name of the namespace. This feature will reduce the effort of recreating the namespace in ServiceBus360 portal.
ServiceBus360 Portal > Settings>Associate Namespace
Enhancement Grouping the associated namespace w.r.t current status of the namespace  In the earlier version, the associated namespace were listed alphabetically. We have now changed the logic by grouping the namespaces according to their current status. The namespaces will be grouped as error, warning, and active. This will help the users to easily identify the namespaces that require attention.
Note: When a namespace status is changed to the error state, it will be reflected in ServiceBus360 only in the next WebJobs cycle. 
ServiceBus360 Portal > Settings>Associate Namespace
Enhancement Threshold alarm creation We have added a Save button in the threshold alarm blade. Once the user completes the settings on the threshold alarm blade, the user can click the save button on the same blade to save the alarm. Earlier the user has to move to the next blade i.e, the Health alarm blade to save the alarm.  ServiceBus360 Portal > Alarms> Add Alarm> Threshold Alarm
Bug fix
Action buttons will be disabled during service calls During the service call the action button is still enabled and hence the user can once again click the action button resulting in error. This issue is fixed now and the action button will be disabled during the service call. Across the application
Bug fix
Resources mapped to more than one alarm are not correctly populated in License details section When the same resource is mapped to different alarms, the system calculated it as two separate mappings and deducted the count from the licensing plan. This issue is fixed and the mapping count will be considered only once.
ServiceBus360 Portal > Monitoring