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Operations With ServiceBus360 operations functionality, users have the ability to read all properties and authorization rules of a ServiceBus360 resource (Queues, Topics, Relays, Event Hubs). Users can also gain access to message properties and details in the queue and dead letter. ServiceBus360 Portal > Home
Monitoring With ServiceBus360 monitoring functionality, configure Alarms and associate ServiceBus360 resources (Queues, Topics, Relays, Event Hubs) to get started with monitoring in few minutes. Users can make their monitoring more meaningful by grouping together the resources from various categories. Any errors/warnings will be displayed in the Monitoring dashboard. Users will also receive email notifications containing the health of the Service Bus resources. ServiceBus360 Portal > Monitoring
Manage multiple namespaces With ServiceBus360, users can manage multiple namespaces across different Azure subscriptions from a single place. ServiceBus360 Portal