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  1. In-depth look at Monitoring dashboard screen
  2. Remove associated resources from an alarm

In-depth look at Monitoring dashboard screen

Before looking into monitoring dashboard it's important for you to understand the concepts of alarm and how to configure various sections for monitoring inside an alarm. Once alarms are created and functioning, then the 'Monitoring Dashboard' becomes the one-stop point for support people to view the status of the alarm(s). Customers typically display monitoring dashboard on big LCD screens which help them to keep an eye on the health of their Namespace Resources in an informative way.


  1. Namespace Selection - Select the Namespace from the dropdown. The first step of monitoring in ServiceBus360 is to select the Namespace. Depending on the Namespace, you choose the alarm associated.
  2. Alarm Selection - You can select the alarm from the drop down to view the associated Resources with alarm
  3. Resources Monitoring Grid - Resources mapped with the selected alarm are displayed in the grid along with the current status of errors and warnings in the resource. 
  4. Issues - By clicking this w3YPvYu2WjI1MY3ezjadAI7mBjXn2tNWqQ.png icon in the grid, you can view the Error and Warning description of the Resources

    In the monitoring dashboard, you will see the status of Resources displayed in three different colors. The Resources with healthy status will be displayed in Green color, while the ones with an error will be in Red color and the warnings in Yellow color.
  5. Refresh - The screen auto-refreshes every 1 minute, you can also do a manual refresh by clicking the Refresh button
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Remove associated resources from an alarm

The monitoring dashboard populates the monitoring information of Resources associated with the alarm. You can remove the Resources monitoring or Metrics directly from the Resource screen. To remove the Resource/Metrics mapping:

  1. Log into your ServiceBus360 account


  2. Click the Monitoring Dashboard icon in the left navigation pane


  3. Click on the Resource Name that you wish to remove mapping


  4. To remove the Resource completely from the alarm, click the Do Not Monitor button.


    This will remove the monitoring resource from the alarm and all monitoring configuration will be removed.


  5. You can also partially remove the metrics associated with the alarm by simply toggling off the button against the metrics you wish to remove
  6. Click the Edit button to change the threshold values of the metrics associated with the alarm and also, to associate new properties/metrics to the alarm.
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