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  1. How to view user information in ServiceBus360?
  2. How do I contact the ServiceBus360 support?
  3. Logging out from ServiceBus360 account

How to view user information in ServiceBus360?

As the name suggests the My Profile screen in your ServiceBus360 login is specific to you. In this section, you'll learn how to view your profile information. Currently, we have an inbuilt mechanism to handle date and time format from the user browser settings. You can view your profile information:

  1. Log into your ServiceBus360 account
  2. Click "My Profile" from the drop-down next to your profile picture


    1. User Name - The username is displayed along with their display picture. Currently, the Users cannot change their profile picture. The option to add/change the profile picture will be available soon.
    2. Basic Information of the User- Displays the company name and the Email Id of the user registered during the account signup process
    3. Time Zone/DateTime Format - All date and time representations you see in this application will follow the Time Zone and DateTime format from your local system settings
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How do I contact the ServiceBus360 support?

If you're having any technical issues that you need help with, reach out to our Support team. You can contact the Support team from the ServiceBus360 application by clicking the Support button from the Profile Settings drop-down. From the Support Portal, you can open a new support ticket. 

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Logging out from ServiceBus360 account

To log out of your ServiceBus360 account, click on your profile picture located in the navigation header of any ServiceBus360 page. This will open a drop down menu where you will see the Log out button.

Switch accounts without Logging out

You can log into multiple ServiceBus360 accounts on the same browser using multiple sign-in. Then, you can switch between your accounts without logging out of either of them. 

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